Starting Out

Starting is what people call the hard bit, for me it’s not the starting. It’s the keeping going. Striving through all ends to finish the latest blog post and delivering it – on time. Time is another thing I struggle with. You see the thing is I haven’t got much, so I tend to run out of it. However this blog is supposedly going to turn that around – well hopefully! (My fingers are stilled crossed) This is only my first post but I hope that it is going to be the first of many. Now onto the content…


  You might have seen the feature image or you might not have but I’m going to tell you what it says anyway – “Perfect is the only road to perfection.” I am a perfectionist, my goal to be flawless is unreachable, but maybe halfway there isn’t. We all have cracks, most of them underneath the surface, but they are still there. This isn’t going to be about using some tacky superglue to fill them in, this is how to find the cause and fix it…

but there will always be a scar.

The New Kid,

Skye x


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